Focus on the Family’s Offices Are Now a “COVID-19 Outbreak” Site in Colorado August 28, 2020

Focus on the Family’s Offices Are Now a “COVID-19 Outbreak” Site in Colorado

Focus on the Family, the anti-LGBTQ Christian “church” based in Colorado Springs, is now a COVID hot-spot in the state, according to newly released data from the Colorado Department of Public Health.

The state didn’t release too much information but here’s what we know from the weekly data dump on Wednesday: This is the group’s first appearance on the list, and it comes after three people tested positive for the virus and someone else’s COVID status was deemed “probable.” (An “outbreak” is defined by two positive COVID tests in the same location.)

At least they can’t blame this one on homosexuality.

Obviously, as with all COVID cases, you hope the staffers recover quickly. But you have to wonder what precautions — or lack thereof — led to the outbreak. While parts of the headquarters remain closed, the group’s website makes it clear other parts are still very much open.

(via Warren Throckmorton. Image via Shutterstock)

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