Family Research Council: Give Us Money To Save America from a “Godless” Future August 25, 2020

Family Research Council: Give Us Money To Save America from a “Godless” Future

All out of actual reasons for people to vote for Donald Trump this November, the right-wing Family Research Council is urging people to vote for Trump to save America from a “Godless, Secularist, Leftist Future.”

That’s according to a direct-mail fundraiser sent out by the group’s political arm in an effort to raise over $10 million to influence swing-state voters.

The anti-LGBTQ Family Research Council and its political action arm are seeking $10.7 million for a get-out-the-vote plan in eight battleground states to stop “anti-biblical forces” from achieving their goal to “permanently transform America into a socialist, godless state”

“And with the possibility of at least one or more Supreme Court vacancies in the near future, abortion restrictions loosening in states all across the nation, religious liberty threatened like never before, and the debate over the natural family still raging, defeat is not an option,” Perkins writes.

Honestly, if “Godless” is code for protecting religious freedom for all Americans, not just white evangelicals, then this Christian is all for it. But as the adage goes, when you’re used to being at the top of the food chain, the notion of equality can feel like oppression.

While it’s not surprising for Tony Perkins to bring up homosexuality and abortion, remember that they don’t get nearly as many mentions in the Bible as the command to welcome the immigrant, to take care of the poor, and to not hoard your wealth. While neither party is an official “Christian” party, it’s not hard to recognize how Democrats are more in line with what Jesus talked about — as well as on target when it comes to social policies that address poverty, which I would add, is one of the leading causes of abortion.

The America that Perkins wants to save us from is one that would decrease his power. That’s as good a reason as any to vote for Joe Biden.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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