Liberty U. Seriously Asked Students What Class They’re Most Excited About… August 24, 2020

Liberty U. Seriously Asked Students What Class They’re Most Excited About…

You have to think someone at Liberty University pre-scheduled this tweet to go out earlier today, on the first official day of classes, given that it was posted exactly at the top of the hour.

But considering that the morning began with the school’s leader, Jerry Falwell, Jr., being accused of literally watching his wife have sex with a pool boy multiple times a year for several years, followed by Falwell’s resignation later in the day, the timing was particularly awful.

Thanks to Twitter, though, the responses were just *chef’s kiss*…

Whoever’s running that social media account should really post a link for how long students have to drop out so they can still get the bulk of their tuition refunded…

Liberty’s always been a joke, but anyone who gets a degree from there now better prepare for a lifetime of sex jokes and “pool boy” comments. On the other hand, at least the diploma will make for an amusing icebreaker. It’s not like it was good for much else.

(Thanks to @rodrigoninoll for the link)

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