Sen. Martha McSally: I’m Losing My Race, So “Fast a Meal” and Give Me That Money August 22, 2020

Sen. Martha McSally: I’m Losing My Race, So “Fast a Meal” and Give Me That Money

Arizona GOP Sen. Martha McSally, who’s currently trailing in polls to her Democratic opponent Mark Kelly, made a pitch to her supporters recently that should seriously make them question their loyalties: Skip a meal and donate that money to her campaign instead.

“We’re doing our part to catch up, you know, to get our message out. But it takes resources. So, anybody can give, I’m not ashamed to ask, to invest. If you can give a dollar, five dollars, if you can fast a meal and give what that would be,” McSally told her audience on an audio recording obtained by Arizona’s Family.

Even if that’s some desperate attempt at a joke, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for a Republican to ask the poorest people in her state to go temporarily hungry in order to put her back in office so she can continue her party’s goal of giving even more to the rich.

McSally’s party won’t even pass another COVID relief bill to help out people who are struggling as a result of the pandemic made worse by — wait for it — her party’s incompetence.

This is all just par for the course. Trump’s own spiritual adviser, Paula White, told people in 2018 that they should give her ministry their entire paycheck for a month.

It’s one thing to court small donors, but that means asking people who are able to give to chip in a few bucks when they can. The GOP version of that seems to be getting people with very little money to give them a chunk of it, even if it means skipping a meal.

McSally was always a horrible candidate for a statewide race. She lost the Senate race to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema in 2018, got appointed to the seat once held by John McCain last year, and has only gotten less electable since then. It would be quite an accomplishment to be so bad a candidate that she loses races to both sitting senators in her state. Here’s hoping she succeeds in that.

You can donate to Mark Kelly here. But don’t do it if it means going hungry.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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