Mat Staver: Any Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Would Be “Absolutely Un-American” August 19, 2020

Mat Staver: Any Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Would Be “Absolutely Un-American”

Mat Staver, the Liberty Counsel attorney and anti-vaxxer, said in June that any potential vaccine against COVID would be the result of “aborted baby parts” from Planned Parenthood. That was a lie. Spreading them is what he does for a living.

Now his lies are getting even more dangerous.

Perhaps recognizing that the vaccines-are-made-of-babies line didn’t work, Staver is saying any mandatory vaccination requirement would be unpatriotic.

“The fact that someone even raises an argument that you ought to have mandatory vaccinations is absolutely un-American,” he responds. “It is not patriotic; it’s unconstitutional, it’s coercive, and it’s never happened before in America. We should never go down this road.”

He’s lying.

That has indeed “happened before in America.” It happens often. States routinely require vaccinations for students who attend public schools or day care. (There are always medical exemptions.) A COVID vaccine wouldn’t be any different. The more people who have it, the harder it becomes for the virus to spread.

Staver, who doesn’t accept science, may not realize any of that, but that’s not stopping him from pretending to be a doctor.

And then, just to drive home that last point, he told OneNewsNow that readers should consider a Trump-endorsed drug that has no scientific proof of working.

“What we ought to do is free up a drug that’s been on the market and approved by the FDA for over 65 years: Hydroxychloriquine,” says Staver. “It has shown over and over again in multiple studies … to be very, very effective at reducing and eliminating coronavirus in the early stages.

He’s lying.

Studies do not show that. If they did, wonderful, but they don’t. The drug has its uses for certain conditions, but COVID isn’t one of them. You’re a damn fool if you’re taking medical advice from Staver.

I’m sure all of you know all this, but Staver’s base includes the sort of people gullible enough to believe what he’s saying. His recommendations, if accepted, could kill people. His medical advice is as reliable as his legal acumen. If you’re taking him seriously, you need to rethink your entire life. Or whatever you have left of it.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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