Mike Huckabee: The USPS Scandal is a Democratic Distraction… Just Like COVID August 18, 2020

Mike Huckabee: The USPS Scandal is a Democratic Distraction… Just Like COVID

Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (a.k.a. Sarah Huckabee Sanders‘ dad and a guy who says he would’ve lied about being transgender so he could shower with girls in high school) said back in April that the risk of dying from COVID-19 is “minimal.”

That was about 160,000 deaths ago. (Everyone in that family lies.)

So it comes as no surprise that Huckabee said on FOX News yesterday that the deliberate sabotage of the U.S. Postal Service by the Trump administration is actually a Democratic hoax… much like COVID itself.

Let’s be real clear, the Democrats are looking for something to distract, and this is their latest version of it. It was Russia, you know, it was COVID, now their latest thing is it’s the Post Office.

… The president’s made it very clear that he is fine with absentee balloting and people mailing in their votes, but not just sending out millions of votes, you have no idea where they’re going, and if you think that this all works out beautifully, go to the Post Office on any given day when people are picking up their mail, and see how many pieces of unclaimed mail is dropped in the wastebasket.

The Russia investigation led to 34 indictments. COVID-19 has killed roughly 170,000 people.

And voting by mail does not involve “sending out millions of votes” with no idea where they’re going. States send out applications, you request a single ballot, it’s tracked so you can verify it arrived properly and got counted, and plenty of states already use that system without any serious issues.

Huckabee is a Christian liar. To paraphrase Joe Biden, every sentence out of Huckabee’s mouth includes a noun, a verb, Jesus, and a lie. He’s never changed. His daughter is the same way. And they have no business in elected office.

(via Media Matters)

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