Franklin Graham, Unfazed By Trump’s COVID Deaths, Trashes Pro-Choice Democrats August 15, 2020

Franklin Graham, Unfazed By Trump’s COVID Deaths, Trashes Pro-Choice Democrats

Leave it to evangelist Franklin Graham to complain about the Joe BidenKamala Harris ticket because — wait for it — they’re pro-choice.

He’s lying. He doesn’t think “every life is precious to God,” because if he did, he would be far more outraged about the 166,000 Americans dead from COVID in large part due to Donald Trump‘s negligence of the virus. Nor has Graham expressed the same level of outrage about the wrongful deaths of African Americans by corrupt law enforcement officials. Or the refugee kids placed in cages.

Instead, he’s only concerned about fetuses.

As we’ve said repeatedly, when pro-choice Democrats are president, the abortion rates go down. Having a pro-choice president doesn’t mean Graham can’t try to persuade women not to choose that option. If Graham actually cared about this issue, he could easily fight to fix the underlying issues that often lead to abortions, like affordable healthcare, paid maternity leave, and comprehensive sex education.

Instead, his support of Trump is leading to more deaths. It may indirectly be leading to more abortions, too.

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