A Right-Wing Pastor’s Examples of a Demonic “Spirit” Sound Just Like Trump August 13, 2020

A Right-Wing Pastor’s Examples of a Demonic “Spirit” Sound Just Like Trump

Pastor Curt Landry, the genius who recently said the removal of Confederate statues were a sign of God judging the Illuminati, said during a livestream Tuesday night that he was removing the “Leviathan Spirit” from those who oppose Donald Trump.

Considering how a “Leviathan Spirit” is a reference to a demonic force that spreads lies in order to sow confusion, it was bizarre for Landry to accuse Trump’s opponents of needed to be cleansed of it.

And wouldn’t you know it, when Landry offered examples of what the Leviathan Spirit sounds like in practice, the words sounded just like they came from a Trump rally.

“When we can’t take responsibility for being able to say, ‘I’m wrong’ or ‘I’ve missed it,’ that usually is a Leviathan spirit twisting thoughts in your soul, allowing you to not be able to take responsibility.”

Leviathan spirit stirs up strife, and it can’t be reasoned with. It lacks truth, and it fails to follow through.”

“It’s unfriendly to people, and the only time it’s friendly, it’s a false friendly spirit because what it does is it comes in, and it’s only friendly with those that can use or use as a ladder to climb to their position.”

“It dishonors authority. It always bad mouths anybody in authority or anybody that’s being promoted over them. It immediately starts in the narrative of negative conversation. … It’s jealous of anybody that gets anything more than them.

One day, Christians like these will become self-aware. One day.

(via Right Wing Watch. Thanks to Richard for the link)

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