Preacher Sean Feucht Held More COVID-Ignorant Worship Concerts Over the Weekend August 10, 2020

Preacher Sean Feucht Held More COVID-Ignorant Worship Concerts Over the Weekend

Worship leader and MAGA cultist Sean Feucht held another massive, to-hell-with-social-distancing, mask-free concert for hundreds of people in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night, creating a public health hazard in the name of Jesus.

A screenshot from Sean Feucht’s own promotional video from the Portland event.

That was followed up on Sunday with another concert in Cal Anderson Park in Seattle, Washington:

A local news channel in Portland captured a handful of quotations from attendees and they’ll make you weep for our nation. But at least you’ll understand why we have no chance of conquering COVID.

When asked about the lack of safety measures in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, people in attendance didn’t have concerns.

“My faith is in God,” one person said. “Not fear of [COVID-19]. I’m good.”

“Most of us are just here for this and then we’re leaving,” said one woman. “So, I don’t think it is going to have an impact on Portland. But I don’t know. I’m not a scientist.

We’re not big mask people so it doesn’t bother us,” another person said.

Their religious delusions are literally the reason the rest of us can’t leave our houses and see our friends. And attending this concert is like having unprotected sex: Doing it once could still leave you with consequences for a lifetime. Somehow God hasn’t protected 160,000 people (and counting), many of whom are Christians, but these idiots still think God is more powerful than face masks.

And Feucht will never have the good sense to tell them otherwise.

Refusing to accepting reality is a prerequisite for attending one of Feucht’s concerts, given that he’s been doing this in other cities as well. He’s affiliated with Bethel Music — a worship ministry affiliated with California’s Bethel Church in Redding — which made headlines last year for praying for the resurrection of a dead toddler. The school affiliated with the church is like a Christian Hogwarts. They believe in a lot of supernatural bullshit.

It’s not just nonsensical beliefs either. Feucht is the same guy who recently held a concert at the scene of George Floyd‘s murder, turning a place where people were gathering to honor the man’s life into a captive audience for his Christian preaching.

As we’ve said before, Feucht’s concerts are an act of selfishness. He could’ve live-streamed this. He could’ve waited and made the same sacrifice so many others are making. But he chose not to because he craves attention and he’s willing to sacrifice the health and safety of his fans in order to get it.

He’ll tell you this is about God, but he’ll be long gone before the COVID symptoms start affecting the people attending these concerts. The only thing he’ll have to offer anyone is prayer. It won’t heal them and it won’t pay any medical bills.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Jeremy for the link. Portions of this article were published earlier)

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