Convicted Felon Roger Stone Will Preach at the Church of Hate-Pastor Greg Locke August 10, 2020

Convicted Felon Roger Stone Will Preach at the Church of Hate-Pastor Greg Locke

Roger Stone is the political consultant and adviser to Donald Trump who was convicted of obstruction, witness tampering, and lying to Congress… before Trump commuted his sentenced in July.

Back in March, in his first interview since being sentenced, he said he felt good since he had “taken Jesus Christ as my personal savior.” He also said in July that the people who prosecuted him were “Satanic” atheists.

So naturally, he’ll be spending the morning of August 30 preaching at the church of hate-pastor Greg Locke.

Locke made the announcement during an outdoor, social-distancing-be-damned, mask-free service yesterday:

I want to be able to announce that we have the one and only giving a gospel Jesus-size testimony — Roger Stone is gonna be under this tent and he’s gonna be holding this microphone, and he’s gonna — he’s not showing up to talk about politics. He’s showing up to talk about what Jesus did in his life, and how the radical grace of the gospel has turned him… right here under this tent! Right here under this tent.

And so our folks that are watching online, you better book some tickets now, and, uh, start flying here and driving, it’s gonna be a great time…

There’s nothing more Christian than watching two men fawn over each other to see who loves their Lord and Savior Donald Trump more…

Though if these churchgoers sincerely accept Locke’s version of Christianity, no doubt they’ll believe whatever Stone tells them. He’s gotten away with lying his entire life and he’s preaching in front of the most gullible people in the country. Why would anyone expect him to change now?

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