Some Sad News from Our Colleague Ed Brayton August 9, 2020

Some Sad News from Our Colleague Ed Brayton

If you’ve read atheist blogs in the past decade, you’ve no doubt read Ed Brayton or benefitted directly from his work behind the scenes. He helped launch The Panda’s Thumb and Freethought Blogs. More recently, he was writing on Patheos.

Ed’s been struggling with health problems over the past several years, and he posted this update last night:

I’m giving up and calling in hospice. I just can’t do this anymore. To those who know me in real life I love you and I’m sorry. I did my best.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet Ed in person and work with him at Foundation Beyond Belief. He’s always been a voice of reason (especially amid chaos) and someone with an endless supply of stories from his time doing radio, stand-up comedy, and playing poker. To lose his voice is a devastating blow to anyone who’s been influenced or inspired by online atheists.

I know a lot of you read him as well, and he may be able to see any comments on that Facebook post in case you’d like to leave a message. If there are any further updates, I’ll post them.

(via Pharyngula. The screenshot is from an appearance Ed made on The Rachel Maddow Show about a decade ago.)

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