Pastor: Satan is Undermining Manhood, Leaving Men “Domesticated or Neutered” August 9, 2020

Pastor: Satan is Undermining Manhood, Leaving Men “Domesticated or Neutered”

Despite that fact that no definition of “manhood” can be found in the Bible, Pastor Tony Evans told attendees of the virtual “Promise Keepers 2020 Men’s Conference” that men today are “neutered” because Satan is destroying manhood.

“We have far too many men who have been domesticated or neutered,” Evans said. “What God is calling you for is to stand up and take ownership. We have a generation of children who do not have leadership … [we have a] generation of young people whose consciences haven’t been fed … and so their conscience doesn’t go off. As a result, they come up with their own conclusion of life and meaning and dignity and sexuality.”

“Our nation is falling apart, our families are falling apart, our churches have become weak,” Evans continued. “Why? Because men have become missing in action. They’ve come to the soft definition of Christianity … rather than this radical commitment to Jesus Christ and their Christian faith. And as a result, we’re not having the influence and the impact.”

Evans never specifies what he means by “soft.” Man buns? Skinny jeans? Democrats? Men who aren’t afraid to express their emotions?

Ironically, it’s the last one that shows true strength. But now, exacerbated in part by the conservative Christian allegiance to Donald Trump, these displays of toxic masculinity, which were already rampant in Christian circles, remain pervasive.

The idea that Satan is the reason you’re not manly enough — that anyone could even be unmanly, whatever that’s supposed to mean — is absurd.

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