Preacher: Satan Caused the COVID Crisis to Mess Up Trump’s Re-Election Campaign August 8, 2020

Preacher: Satan Caused the COVID Crisis to Mess Up Trump’s Re-Election Campaign

What caused the pandemic?

According to right-wing evangelical James Robison, host of his own TV show, it’s merely Satan going “ballistic” trying to stop Donald Trump from getting re-elected.


“We were seeing miraculous answers to prayer,” Robison said. “Satan, the father of lies, division, dissension, death, and destruction was losing ground that he had gained. We were beginning to see the value of every life, the importance of loving every person, beginning with God and our neighbors. We were beginning to see the economy become strong again. We were seeing the justice system reformed mightily. We were seeing great change. We were seeing security in our nation becoming stronger, our military to protect freedom and all that is precious becoming strong.”

“I’m saying, and I really do believe this, Satan himself, losing ground, went ballistic,” he continued. “We were beginning to push back miraculously, and of all things, the last person on the planet we thought would stand up for what’s right — this president, Donald J. Trump — began to stand up for what was best. And I personally believe the pandemic, the whole bit, is not just that we were too often vulnerable, but I believe Satan went ballistic and had to stop the progress that was being made because we were glimpsing a spiritual awakening and answered prayer.

By spiritual awakening, I guess he’s referring to seeing innocent children torn from their families and kept in cages under barbaric conditions, poor families getting their food stamps cut, and an increase in racist rhetoric connected to a rise of hate crimes across the country. (Is Robison going to blame Trump’s botched handling of the coronavirus crisis on Satan, too?)

Even if you take his words literally, it means Satan managed to get people across the world infected with COVID-19 just to alter the results of one country’s elections. Honestly, given Trump’s own inadequacies, Satan never needed to work that hard.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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