Podcast Ep. 334: Joe Biden’s Doing What to God?! August 8, 2020

Podcast Ep. 334: Joe Biden’s Doing What to God?!

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

(There was a microphone lag in this episode, so the audio is slightly off kilter. Apologies in advance.)

We talked about:

— A Christian hate-pastor threatened a man over masks at a Dunkin’ coffee shop. Now they’re mandating masks. (1:20)

— Trump claims Joe Biden will “hurt God” if he gets elected. How weak is this God…? (7:00)

Donald Trump‘s lawyer Jenna Ellis says Michelle Obama needs more Jesus in her life. (13:50)

What is Jerry Falwell, Jr. doing on his yacht…? (19:32)

— A GOP state lawmaker who spoke at a celebration of a KKK leader was charged with felony theft. (30:57)

Judge Roy Moore is suing comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for defamation and it may backfire spectacularly. (37:04)

— A Florida pastor says masks get in the way of praying. How…? (41:00)

— The Satanic Temple is now saying Satanic abortions are protected under religious liberty laws. (44:03)

— We heard some breaking news about Falwell… (50:30)

— Aliens didn’t build the pyramids, Elon Musk. (52:45)

— A study found that the most anti-abortion states offer the least support for women and families. (53:56)

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