Trump Lawyer: Michelle Obama Wouldn’t Be So Depressed If She Accepted Jesus August 7, 2020

Trump Lawyer: Michelle Obama Wouldn’t Be So Depressed If She Accepted Jesus

Donald Trump legal adviser Jenna Ellis, who recently claimed that people were trying to cancel Christianity (which is news to me!), now has advice for Michelle Obama.

The former First Lady said on her podcast this week that she was feeling some “low-grade depression” because of the pandemic, racial strife, and everything else happening right now. (Hey, join the club.)

But Ellis knows how to fix that, as she explained on FOX News yesterday.

Michelle Obama just needs Jesus. (Because apparently being Christian, which Obama is, isn’t enough…)

… I think that this is more of an issue of Michelle Obama’s liberalism, because the Family Institute for Studies has shown that, actually, conservatives tend to be more joyful and more happy overall with their lives because we still believe in the pillars of society, which is the church and the family. And so I would encourage Michelle Obama to go to church and to find meaning in the Lord Jesus Christ as her own personal savior.

There is no “Family Institute for Studies.” If anyone wanted to describe Trump, joyful and happy would never make the cut. And church is not a pillar of society.

That said, it may well be true that conservatives are more joyful in general; it’s easy to be happy when you don’t give a rat’s ass who’s suffering and dying because of your negligence.

More to the point, though, “more Jesus” won’t cure anything. Certainly not for Michelle Obama, who knows damn well that faith doesn’t fix problems made worse by conservative politicians. Saying you need more religion in your life is just one of those throwaway phrases like “thoughts and prayers” that people like Jerry Falwell, Jr. say to make people think they care about practicing Christianity. Ellis would know that since she’s a fellow at Liberty University’s Falkirk Center for Batshittery. This is also the same Jenna Ellis who thinks church/state separation is a hoax.

She doesn’t understand the Constitution. She doesn’t understand religion. But she sure as hell knows how to lie and deflect, which is why she’s drawn to Trump.

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