One Man With COVID Visited an Ohio Church; 91 People Got Infected as a Result August 7, 2020

One Man With COVID Visited an Ohio Church; 91 People Got Infected as a Result

According to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, one 56-year-old man with COVID visited a church on June 14.

Not long after, “91 additional people from five counties developed symptoms of COVID-19.” 53 of them were at the service.

“It spread like wildfire, wildfire. Very, very scary,” Gov. MIke De Wine said Tuesday.

The church, like the man, wasn’t named because DeWine was making a larger point: If religious institutions are gathering in person without taking every possible precaution, they are putting people in danger.

How many more people have to suffer or die because some pastors refuse to shift to online preaching?

It’s obvious many pastors still haven’t taken any of this to heart. All over the country, churches are opening up again and pastors are defying restrictions meant to protect everyone’s health — acting like this is Christian Persecution when it’s really just a matter of public safety. Their negligence is hurting the country. Their faith is preventing them from doing the right thing. This isn’t about religious freedom; this is about making smart decisions. Too many churches are unfortunately led by people incapable of doing that.

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