Scott Lively: Christians Should Flee Big Cities Before Liberals Burn Them Down August 5, 2020

Scott Lively: Christians Should Flee Big Cities Before Liberals Burn Them Down

Anti-LGBTQ activist Scott Lively — the man who inspired Uganda’s infamous “Kill the Gays” bill — now wants Christians to vacate parts of the country controlled by Democrats.

If they don’t, he said on the radio show “Breaking News Bible Study” this past Sunday, they may get literally burned alive when Democrats set cities ablaze in order to escape pension payments for cops.

“Why are the Democrats burning down their own cities?” Lively asked. “They’re setting up a scenario in which they’ve agitated and inflamed the Black community and then pitted them against the police so that they can blame the Blacks for the collapse of the cities, and they can discredit the police, so it’s easy to justify not paying them these exorbitant pensions that they’ve been negotiating.”

“This is all a setup,” Lively added. “So if you’re living in one of those places, if you’re a conservative or you’re a Christian living in any of those places, get the heck out of there before it all collapses. Because even if Trump gets elected, the worst chaos is going to take place in the Democrat-controlled population centers.”

Just to state what most people already know, the vast majority of protests have been peaceful, and some of the violence has been fueled by right-wing extremists eager to sow chaos. Regardless, the sort of people who advocate for gun safety and going vegetarian are not the sort of people who would burn down their city for the sake of avoiding certain taxes. They’re the sort of people who would run for office or vote for progressives to change policing entirely.

Furthermore, Democrats aren’t the ones threatening another civil war based on the outcome of the election. They’re not stockpiling weapons for a supposed impending apocalypse. And — let’s say it again — plenty of Democrats are already Christian. Just about every Democrat who’s run for president, and just about every Democrat who’s in Congress right now, has outwardly presented as Christian.

The only people seeking to collapse the United States, whether through neglect of the pandemic or destroying democracy itself, are the people surrounding and supporting Trump himself.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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