Florida Pastor Sues Over Mask Mandate Because They Get in the Way of Prayer August 4, 2020

Florida Pastor Sues Over Mask Mandate Because They Get in the Way of Prayer

Manatee County in Florida is the subject of a lawsuit over its mask mandate, because this is Florida and nothing matters anymore. One of the men suing is State Rep. Anthony Sabatini, a Republican who has filed more than a dozen similar lawsuits. The other is Rev. Joel Tillis (below) of Suncoast Baptist Church in Palmetto.

This particular mandate was passed 4-3 by the Republican-majority county commission, which stung Sabatini more than usual: “It’s a county commission of Republicans. It’s about time they start acting like it.” (How DARE they consider the health of their constituents?! That’s not what our party does!)

But it’s Tillis’ complaint that’s really bizarre.

He said the mask requirement should not apply within churches, synagogues and other houses of worship because it interferes with the ability to pray.


Is God unable to hear you if you pray with a mask on? Are people unable to speak? (Somehow waiters and educators and business owners are able to do it just fine.) Does the mask get in the way of people clasping their hands together?

I don’t get it. The pastor is whining about nothing. There are megachurches closing their doors through the rest of the year to be safe, and other churches that have successfully shifted online temporarily. But this guy can’t handle masks because God only hears the prayers of the loudest people?

The actual lawsuit doesn’t say that. It says the mask mandate makes it “more difficult for him to preach and for members of the choir at his church to sing.”

There’s a simple way to fix that: Deliver a mask-free sermon via live-streaming, and let the choir take a break because you don’t need them. That’s a luxury you can do without. Everyone has to make sacrifices and asking a choir to halt the singing for now so that people don’t die seems like a rather mild inconvenience.

The same people who constantly claim to be “pro-life” are twisting like pretzels for the opportunity to put more people on their death beds.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to @GreyEyes7)

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