MAGA Cultist Pastor: If God Makes Me Go Viral, I “Might As Well Just Walk In It” August 3, 2020

MAGA Cultist Pastor: If God Makes Me Go Viral, I “Might As Well Just Walk In It”

A few days ago, Christian Hate-Pastor Greg Locke, who runs Global Vision Bible Church in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, went “viral” with a deranged tirade against being told to wear a mask inside of the coffee chain Dunkin’. He has spent months bragging about how his church refuses to cave in to Communism, and that his services have no sensible safety protocols.

People like him are why the U.S. is unable to control the spread of COVID.

Yesterday, during another in-person service (which was at least outdoors), Locke told the mask-free crowd that he couldn’t believe he was so popular on the internet, and it must be God’s doing that he so often goes viral. (He’s confusing going viral for positive reasons with being a universal symbol of disgust and an embarrassment to so many other Christians.)

But, he told the crowd, if God wanted him to go viral, he has no choice but to continue… being an asshole, I guess.

… There’s some things you can’t put back in the box. You just can’t. And so the reason I’m so passionate and adamant — speak now or forever hold your peace — Look, I was not looking… I was not looking for Facebook notoriety in 2015. I wasn’t looking for blue check marks, for clicks, for likes, for Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram… It wasn’t part of the plan. it just wasn’t part of the plan. But it happened, right?

… It happened and so I can’t go back — not that I would — but listen to me for a minute, I can’t go back — you know Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I can’t go back and put it back in the box.

So things have been said, things have happened, and God promoted this church to an international platform that we could have never imagined in our little Nashville hillbilly sense. And I’m not discrediting you — I call myself a hillbilly because I’m a hillbilly — but nonetheless, I don’t know why God has chosen to do what He’s done. But we can’t go back from this. The facts are: here we are, together, brother to brother, all loving each other. We’re in this tent right now, watching online right now thousands of people, we’re here.

I can’t take back all the controversy. I can’t take back the brokenness — nor would I. I can’t take back the media. I can’t take back the fact that the left hates us because of me. I can’t take back the fact that we are the most polarizing church in this community. You either really like us or you can’t stand us, and when you walk into a store, you know which is which. I can’t help that. I just… it can’t go back into the box. So the only thing my little mind can reconcile is, since we can’t go back with it, we might as well just go forward with it! Right?

I mean, if we can’t undo it, we might as well just walk in it, and just let God do what God wants to do with it.

That dance at the end there will haunt my nightmares…

And you’ve got to be kidding me about not wanting to go viral. No one makes crazy videos like he does — sometimes while driving, always yelling at the camera, constantly turning up the outrage beyond normal human behavior — unless they’re thirsty for clicks.

But think about what he’s saying. God gave him the gift of notoriety… therefore, Locke believes he should use that platform to hurt as many people as possible by spreading lies that could jeopardize their health. Meanwhile, it’s the people who spend their lives studying viruses and public health — who have relatively small platforms — who aren’t being listened to because this Christian clogs up so much attention online. (I realize I say that as I write about him specifically… but I think there’s value to posting this stuff to expose what they’re doing as long it includes calling out their bad behavior.)

I’ve said this before, but Locke is one of those guys who doesn’t care about a problem unless it affects him personally. I don’t know how many people in his church or family have to suffer or die before it sinks in that his actions are directly contributing to the problem. It shouldn’t take that. Most people are wise enough to take precautions before that happens. But guys like this who are exacerbating the crisis are hurting strangers whether or not he wants to admit it. His faith is just a tool for him to sow chaos in others’ lives.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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