Anti-LGBTQ Trump Appointee Blames “Anti-Christian Sentiment” After Getting Fired August 3, 2020

Anti-LGBTQ Trump Appointee Blames “Anti-Christian Sentiment” After Getting Fired

In June, Merritt Corrigan was named the “deputy White House liaison at the US Agency for International Development.” Immediately, her old tweets came to light and exposed her for what she is: a Christian bigot.

She mocked Pete Buttigieg for thinking he’s in a “real marriage.” She denounced Republicans who support LGBTQ rights for being “morally bankrupt” and supporting “the gay agenda.” She also said those pro-LGBTQ conservatives are “embracing globohomo.”

She was as anti-feminist as she was anti-gay, tweeting that “a Christian patriarchy is a far more dignified and respectful way of organizing society.”

She was also anti-immigrant and pro-dictator. You know, a typical Jesus follower who gains power in the Trump administration.

But shortly after POLITICO published an article about how she had been fired, she Corrigan made her Twitter account public once again and posted another bigoted tweetstorm:

That last one is especially bizarre given that Wohl and Burkman are two well-known con artists known primarily for their spectacular failures. You’d have an easier time partnering with a literal red flag.

But in any case, even setting aside her anti-gay, anti-trans beliefs, she’s flat-out wrong that her bigotry is shared by the majority of Americans. Just take same-sex marriage, for example.

Support for marriage equality is at a record high among all Americans, including 83% of Democrats and 49% of Republicans.

Most Christians support marriage equality, too.

Only evangelicals oppose it in large numbers… but that’s not even the case among evangelicals under 35!

At least Corrigan can finally go back to working with the Christian hate group of her choice now that she’s no longer working for the government:

USAID confirmed that Corrigan no longer works at the agency as of Monday afternoon.

“USAID takes any claim of discrimination seriously, and we will investigate any complaints of anti-Christian bias Ms. Corrigan has raised during her tenure at the Agency,” Pooja Jhunjhunwala, acting USAID spokesperson, said in a statement.

There’s no anti-Christian bias in the government. If anything, we have a problem with Christians getting preferential treatment across the board. But when you’re used to favoritism, even neutrality seems like oppression.

NBC News notes that it’s not clear what prompted her firing: her old tweets, the pressure from members of Congress, or something else entirely. The new tweets aren’t helping her case at all. But when there are that many options, it’s clear she never should’ve been hired in the first place. It’s about damn time she got fired.

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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