Podcast Ep. 333: The Demon Sex Doctor August 1, 2020

Podcast Ep. 333: The Demon Sex Doctor

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism.

We talked about:

— Be sure to check out the Being Reasonable podcast if you enjoy street epistemology!

— Women vandalized the Ten Commandments monument in Arkansas and I got threatened by a senator. (1:12)

— Republican atheist Robert M. Price‘s anti-transgender, anti-feminist remarks in a fantasy anthology’s introduction has angered many of the contributors. (11:30)

— Do we seriously have to talk about the demon sex doctor? (21:00)

— A Christian author says Jesus was white. Because of course he did. (27:45)

Sen. Tom Cotton said something else idiotic about slavery. (34:10)

Rep. Louie Gohmert is sick, Herman Cain is dead, and Republicans still don’t care enough about the virus. (38:27)

— Focus on the Family founder James Dobson is fear-mongering about the election… just like he did in 2008. (46:53)

— There’s a large religious revival in the Chicago suburbs, creating pandemic concerns, and no one knows who gave them permission. (57:31)

— A Giants pitcher wouldn’t kneel for black lives because he’s Christian. (58:59)

— A Nevada sheriff says libraries shouldn’t be able to call 911 if they support Black lives. (1:03:54)

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