Dave Daubenmire: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Has Bad Judgment Because She’s Gay July 30, 2020

Dave Daubenmire: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Has Bad Judgment Because She’s Gay

What makes a political candidate completely incompetent, in the eyes of right-wing activist Dave Daubenmire?

Not lack of experience. Not overt racism. Not a history of sexual misconduct or assault. None of that matters.

But being gay? That’s a cardinal sin.

Which is why Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot was the subject of a rant on his “Pass The Salt Live” program this week:

“I want somebody to tell me how that woman gets elected any place, anywhere,” Daubenmire said. “That is the mayor of Chicago and her wife. … How could any sane person elect that woman to be head of the city?”

“This is the picture that the city of Chicago wants to send out to the world as the leader, as the top political leader in their city?” he asked. “You tell me that we’re dealing with sane people. We’ve gotten in this mess because we haven’t pointed out the obvious. Listen folks, there’s something seriously wrong with this woman if she would marry that other woman. There is something seriously wrong with her judgment.

We could ask the same question of people who take moral advice from a bigoted online-only broadcaster… or the broadcaster who takes his cues from a president who lacks any kind of basic decency.

But in case he’s looking for an actual answer, Chicago voters elected Lightfoot in a runoff election because she was a progressive voice in a city that wanted real change from establishment politics. They didn’t care about who she married; they cared about her policies. Unlike Daubenmire, they wanted a leader who would fight for their causes, not someone who fit a cookie-cutter Christian stereotype in order to appease conservative evangelicals. Lightfoot’s same-sex marriage harms nothing and no one, and frankly, it’s no one else’s business.

Leave it to Daubenmire to try and elevate her marriage instead of criticizing any actual policy decisions.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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