Preacher Sean Feucht Is Holding COVID-Ignorant Worship Services for Thousands July 29, 2020

Preacher Sean Feucht Is Holding COVID-Ignorant Worship Services for Thousands

About a week after declaring California’s sensible COVID restrictions “tyrannical,” worship leader and MAGA cultist Sean Feucht held an outdoor Christian concert for (what he claims is) 5,000 people. You can see from the video that very few people are wearing masks. There sure as hell is no social distancing; people are touching each other left and right.

He insists this is just like the anti-racism protests, which have been permitted. But keep in mind that those protesters have been wearing masks and aren’t purposely putting their hands all over each other. And unlike this service, it’s easy to argue that racism is a public health crisis that also needs to be resolved.

It’s not surprising that Feucht is putting all these people in danger because he thinks God will heal anything and everything. He’s affiliated with Bethel Music, a worship ministry connected to California’s bizarro Bethel Church in Redding, which made headlines for praying for the resurrection of a dead toddler last year.

Feucht’s events are creating public health concerns wherever he goes since officials are worried that he’s spreading a lot more than Jesus. But as with so many Christian leaders, Feucht only cares about himself. He could’ve live-streamed this. He could’ve waited and made the same sacrifice so many others are making. He chose not to because he craves the attention.

He’ll tell you this is about God, but he’ll be long gone before the COVID symptoms start affecting the people attending these concerts. The only thing he’ll have to offer anyone is prayer. It won’t heal them and it won’t pay any medical bills.

(Thanks to Renee for the link)

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