Paula White to Evangelicals: America’s Enemies “Will Take God Out of Everything” July 28, 2020

Paula White to Evangelicals: America’s Enemies “Will Take God Out of Everything”

At the same “Evangelicals for Trump” rally on Thursday in which former head of the Christian Coalition Ralph Reed said that Donald Trump needed to be re-elected in order to preserve Christian supremacy, Trump’s “spiritual adviser” Paula White declared that godless Communists were the nation’s “real evil enemies.”

Well, technically, she was quoting Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson… but she said it approvingly.

I talked to Dr. Ben Carson a few weeks ago. He said, “Paula, we’re not fighting Democrat against Republican. We’re not fighting Black against white. We have real evil enemies against America.” He said that they are the evil enemies against God. We are fighting Socialism and Marxism. And you can try to hide it. You can try to paint it pretty, but listen, Communism… government is God. And this radical left agenda will take God out of everything.

Read the Democrat resolution. They’ve already said that they are the party… We already know they took prayer out. They took God out.

You get to make a decision on November 3. Will you stand for God? Will you stand for the church?

President Trump has not ever tried to act like a pastor. Let me tell you, he ain’t never going to be like one, alright?…

I’m not sure what resolution she’s referring to, but I assume it’s one from last August, passed by the Democratic National Committee, which merely acknowledged the “value, ethical soundness, and importance” of non-religious Americans.” That wasn’t some anti-Christian, anti-God resolution. It was a welcome realization that non-religious people are valued members of our society and that “morals, values, and patriotism are not unique to any particular religion.”

Instead of being honest about that, though, White suggested it was anti-religious before urging voters to back Trump because that’s the only way to truly “stand for God.”

It’s religious as political propaganda, and the people who attended this rally were obviously too deluded to know the difference.

Most Democrats are religious. Nearly every Democrat in office is religious. Joe Biden is a devout Catholic. The campaign is conducting faith outreach knowing that plenty of religious voters can’t stand the deception, corruption, and incompetence of today’s Republican Party.

But Paula White lives in her own grifty bubble where only evangelicals can be in power, and even when they are, they act like they’re being persecuted. It’s pathetic. But it’s a playbook that has worked in the past. No wonder White assumes it’ll work this time around, too.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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