40 Members of a Small Alabama Church Have COVID After Mask-free Revival Service July 27, 2020

40 Members of a Small Alabama Church Have COVID After Mask-free Revival Service

Warrior Creek Missionary Baptist Church in Arab, Alabama held a week-long “revival” last week that included multiple services in a single day. Masks were not required. Social distancing was suggested but not enforced.

And you know exactly how this plays out…

More than 40 members of the church have now tested positive for the virus, according to Al.com.

This service from May shows us how packed and mask-less this church can be.

“The whole church has got it, just about,” [Pastor Daryl] Ross said, and that includes himself. Ross said he has tested positive but has few symptoms.

Because only two of those people suffered seriously from the virus — so far — Ross is eager to dismiss it.

“We knew what we were getting into,” Ross said. “We knew the possibilities. But, my goodness, man, for three days we had one of the old-time revivals. It was unbelievable. And everybody you ask, if you talk to our church members right now, they’d tell you we’d do it again. It was that good.

I want to frame that statement and look at it again in a week or two when we find out how many additional church members are struggling to cope with the virus. The article notes that churchgoers are as old as 97. And yet their religious delusions are overriding their health concerns.

This is what a death cult looks like. They’re just lucky people haven’t died. Give it time.

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