Christian Group May Kick Rep. Ted Yoho Off Its Board for Un-Jesus-Like Behavior July 24, 2020

Christian Group May Kick Rep. Ted Yoho Off Its Board for Un-Jesus-Like Behavior

Rep. Ted Yoho, the Florida congressman and Catholic now best known for calling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “fucking bitch” and not apologizing for it, also happens to be on the board of a Christian non-profit group called Bread for the World which works to end hunger by lobbying government officials to take action on that front. Good cause.

But now that one of their most prominent representatives is a disrespectful misogynist who can’t even wait until he’s in his office to complain about a colleague, it puts the whole organization in a bad light.

Last night, a spokesperson for Bread for the World issued a statement saying they’re “concerned” about Yoho’s behavior and they want to speak with him before figuring out their next steps:

Bread for the World is deeply concerned about Rep. Ted Yoho’s verbal attack on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and what we and others perceive to be his non-apology.

Bread for the World is concerned that his behavior in the past few days does not reflect the values of respect and compassion that Jesus calls on us to exhibit every day and we expect from our board members. Before we determine any further action, we have reached out to his office and have sought an opportunity to speak with him about the incident.

At least they’re acknowledging that Yoho’s statement was a fauxpology, not any kind of sincere regret for his actions. That said, what exactly are they hoping to hear in person?

It’s bad enough Yoho was overheard using crude language against AOC, which he denies, but the “apology” was very much on camera and it was pathetic. What does this Christian group think he’ll say now that he didn’t already make clear in his statement on the House floor?

He’s horrible. He’s always been horrible. This week only highlights that; it’s hardly a surprise. If it’s news to people, it’s only because they weren’t paying attention to him — which is certainly forgivable for people who aren’t obsessed with politics, but this organization put him on their board. Did they not even bother looking him up ahead of time?

Yoho isn’t running for re-election this November. But his political epitaph has already been written: He’s a Catholic Republican whose most memorable achievement in office was becoming a national embarrassment.

The question is whether this otherwise worthy organization wants to keep being associated with him.

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