Christian Activist: John Lewis Was a “Racist” Who “Never Fought for Anything” July 24, 2020

Christian Activist: John Lewis Was a “Racist” Who “Never Fought for Anything”

We recently saw how some Christians aren’t keen on eulogizing the late civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis due to his pro-choice and pro-LGBTQ track record.

The latest to pile on Lewis’ legacy is conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald.

On his “The MC Files” show earlier this week, McDonald claimed that Lewis was a “rabid racist” when, in fact, Lewis dedicated his life to fighting racism.

“John Lewis was a rabid racist,” McDonald said. “He said some of the most racist rhetoric to this nation over the last 10 to 20 years of his life than any politician has ever said. He sowed division into this nation, he sowed discord into this nation racially.”

“John Lewis had no class,” he continued. “Every time he opened his mouth, he was always taking shots at the president — especially President Trump, more than any of them — but he was always sowing racial discord. That’s not a hero to me. He’s not an icon. I don’t care what he’s done. … He never fought for anything, folks. What he fought for was a racially divided America.

“The nation didn’t lose an icon,” McDonald added. “The nation lost a race-baiter, they lost a race-divider. He never did anything to unite races. And if you can’t see that out there tonight, you can’t discern good from evil.”

John Lewis nearly died because of police brutality when he was marching against racism. Calling out racism — even from Donald Trump — is an act of courage that people like McDonald simply don’t possess. It’s not racist to call out acts of racism. Ignoring it doesn’t fix it, as Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts hoped for when he dismantled the Voting Rights Act.

Who else is better qualified to point out America’s greatest sin than a man whose life’s work represented the modern civil rights movement?

(You know who else “sowed division” when it was morally necessary? Jesus.)

To accuse Lewis of dividing the country while ignoring the way Trump does it — as a political marketing tool — is the epitome of ignorance.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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