AR State Sen. Jason Rapert Preached at a Mask-Free Church; Now He Has COVID July 24, 2020

AR State Sen. Jason Rapert Preached at a Mask-Free Church; Now He Has COVID

About two weeks ago, The Sanctuary of Hope church in Branson, Missouri has a special guest during its Sunday morning service: Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert, the Christian Nationalist best known to readers of this site for installing a stand-alone Ten Commandments monument outside his State Capitol. (There’s an ongoing legal battle regarding that matter.)

Here’s what you should notice from this worship service: There are a lot of people gathering indoors, they’re close together, and they’re not wearing masks. (Rapert shows up around the 52:00 mark.)

While Rapert has sometimes advocated for the use of masks, he’s also been pushing the same Republican talking points decrying the pandemic as some sort of hoax and writing off sensible precautions as liberal overreach.

When the governor of the state finally issued a mask mandate earlier this week, Rapert said he opposed it on principle.

Well. Interesting thing about that…

Guess who is currently in the hospital with COVID?

Senator Jason Rapert is in the hospital after being diagnosed with pneumonia and testing positive for Covid-19, he is responding well to treatment.

“This is a difficult time for my family, but we know that God is with us always,” Rapert said. “We’re sincerely grateful for the many prayers of love and support that have been expressed on our behalf.”

“We have all been doing our best to wear a mask, social distance and be careful like everyone else. This virus is serious and can attack anyone regardless of age or general health.”

“I look forward to a full recovery because my caregivers and the medical staff have been taking very good care of me,” he said.

“Please join me in prayer for all those afflicted with this illness, their families and all those caring for them.”

I don’t take any joy in his sickness. I would much rather see him defeated in an election. That said, this is a guy whose party has dragged its feet on protecting people from the virus, and who himself was recently in a church where precautions were ignored. What did he think would happen? That God would protect him? This is one hell of a way to find out that’s not how health works.

Here’s to his quick recovery, and then, when he runs for Lt. Gov. in 2022 (as he has already indicated he will), here’s to a defeat so disastrous, he leaves public office for good.

(Thanks to Teri for the link)

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