A New York Church Was Struck by Lightning After Resuming In-Person Gatherings July 23, 2020

A New York Church Was Struck by Lightning After Resuming In-Person Gatherings

Last night, as storms ripped through Queens, New York, the Spirit and Truth Christian Church went up in flames. Thankfully no one was inside. But it’s officially an open question as to what caused the fire.

The primary suspect at the moment? Lightning.

Witnesses say the steeple took a direct hit from a lightning bolt…

Pastor Daniel Marimuthu said he was very disappointed because it was only two weeks ago that his congregation returned to physical services after spending months apart due to COVID.

Tonight the uncertainty has returned, but the man of God still sees reason to be thankful.

We just have to say thank you God nobody was in there when this happened, I guess this can be repaired,” he said.

Somehow, God gets thanks because no one was inside, but God isn’t blamed for the lightning bolt. There’s religious logic for you. Why isn’t the lightning considered a “sign”? Who knows.

But for the sake of the worshipers, may they get their building back in working order soon. There’s always live-streaming in the meantime.

(Thanks to Don for the link)

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