Some Christians Won’t Honor Rep. John Lewis’ Legacy Because He Was Pro-Choice July 22, 2020

Some Christians Won’t Honor Rep. John Lewis’ Legacy Because He Was Pro-Choice

Over the weekend, we lost civil rights leader and former congressman Rep. John Lewis. Many Christian leaders have been using their social media platforms to eulogize him — notably, Southern Baptist Convention leader Albert Mohler and Russell Moore, SBC’s president of Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. Both men tweeted about the importance of honoring Lewis’ life, despite their political disagreements. It’s especially noteworthy given the Southern Baptists’ long history of racism.

But other Christians were quick to condemn Lewis, saying he didn’t deserve to be honored due to his track record of supporting abortion and LGBTQ rights.

Apparently, to them, fighting for civil rights shouldn’t extend to others who are oppressed. These Christians believe Black lives matter and are worth protecting… but only until they’re born.

All of those tweets were responses to Mohler.

The lack of nuance in the responses isn’t surprising, but Lewis arguably did as much as anyone to lower the abortion rates by promoting affordable health care and contraception. Banning the procedure or creating obstacles to women having health care — i.e. the GOP’s agenda — only leads to more abortions and unsafe ones at that.

I don’t usually agree with Mohler, but I will here: It is possible to honor a man’s life and his commitment to justice for marginalized people despite all the other political disagreements we might have. If Mohler takes that fight seriously, there’s plenty of work waiting for him among Southern Baptists.

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