Satanists Launch “Devil’s Advocate” Scholarship For People Who Hated School July 22, 2020

Satanists Launch “Devil’s Advocate” Scholarship For People Who Hated School

This one’s just amusing.

The Satanic Temple is now offering a “Devil’s Advocate” scholarship worth $500 to pursue a higher education. But unlike many other scholarships, it doesn’t have to be used at a college. “Any other education pursuit” will do as well.

As for the application, you can always explain what you’ve done that’s “consistent with TST’s tenets and mission”… or you can go with this far more entertaining choice:

Please discuss and describe in detail any one of the teachers who crushed your spirit, undermined your self-confidence, and made you hate every minute you were forced to be in school.

Essays work. But writing isn’t the only option. Submissions can also be works of art, a film, or whatever the hell you think is reasonable.

Details are here. If you win, I assume you go to Hell, but at least you’ll have some cash when you get there. You have until August 31 to apply.

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