Jesse Lee Peterson: Rep. John Lewis Was “Evil” Because He Called America Racist July 22, 2020

Jesse Lee Peterson: Rep. John Lewis Was “Evil” Because He Called America Racist

Right-wing radio host Jesse Lee Peterson has said in the past that the world needs “more white babies” and praised “white power.”

So you knew whatever he said about civil rights hero and recently deceased Rep. John Lewis would be along the same racist (and self-loathing) lines. Which is why Peterson had nothing good to say about the man who stood alongside Martin Luther King, Jr. and nearly died protesting racism only to continue that work in Congress. Instead, Peterson referred to Lewis as an “evil man.”

“Congressman John Lewis — he dead — was a race hustler, a loser,” Peterson continued. “John Lewis was not a hero. He was a zero, not a hero. … We knew he was a race hustler. He divided the races, he did not unite them, and just because he marched in a rally down in Alabama or Georgia or wherever he was, that doesn’t make him a hero. John Lewis did not do anything to earn becoming a [member of] Congress for so long. He didn’t make things better. He made them worse.”

“John Lewis did not apologize for dividing the races, for calling America a racist society,” Peterson added. “He was a phony. He was a race hustler. I don’t know where he went when he died, but I do know according to all reports, he dead. But he was not a good man. I don’t know what he said to God before he died, but I know he did not apologize to this country for dividing and lying and doing what he did to America. He used black people for his own personal gain. John Lewis was an evil man.

John Lewis rightly pointed out racism and injustice and worked his life to correct them. Calling it out doesn’t make someone a “race hustler.” It makes them honest. To claim otherwise is pure ignorance. We’re a better country because Lewis was in it.

Good luck imagining what the civil rights movement would look like if the only voices we ever heard were like Peterson’s.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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