Who Needs Masks? Cache County, Utah Held a “Day of Prayer” for COVID Instead July 21, 2020

Who Needs Masks? Cache County, Utah Held a “Day of Prayer” for COVID Instead

On Sunday, the Cache County Council in Utah declared a “Day of Prayer” to ask God for help with our current infusion of “sickness, death, anxiety, hopelessness, loneliness, abuse, and loss.”

I understand the desperation. I understand the desire for help any way you can get it. I understand wanting to take some sort of action.

I don’t understand why they wasted their time with this pointless proclamation.

And neither do a lot of residents who voiced their complaints:

“Despite the Cache County Council declaring last Sunday a day of prayer, the weekend broke the record for weekend COVID cases,” Logan resident Charlie Huenemann wrote in one [letter to The Herald Journal]. “I wonder whether the Almighty is trying to teach us a lesson: Maybe we should start behaving responsibly, taking necessary precautions and wearing masks, and see how that works out.

They. Don’t. Require. Masks.

Councilwoman Gina Worthen, who came up with the idea for the resolution, rejected the idea of any kind of mask mandate:

Worthen countered that the county has responded appropriately to the coronavirus, which hasn’t hit the area as hard as in other parts of Utah. She said she sees no need for a mask mandate

Republicans: They will do anything to fix problems except anything that’ll work.

Utah is plenty religious as is. The idea that God maybe forgot to help this one county until the government stepped in is bad politics and worse theology.

In the meantime, while Cache County hasn’t been hit as hard as more populated areas, the lack of proper precautions leaves open the possibility that things will get much worse.

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