Vandals Deface “Black Lives Matter” Mural While Yelling “Jesus Has To Matter” July 20, 2020

Vandals Deface “Black Lives Matter” Mural While Yelling “Jesus Has To Matter”

You may have heard that New York City recently painted the words “Black Lives Matter” just outside Trump Tower. It’s a symbolic gesture meant to annoy Donald Trump, and it’s not a substitute for substantive action by local governments, but the words have been vandalized three times this week.

The latest, on Saturday, involved two women trying to paint over the yellow letters in black paint. And as they did it, they screamed out the name of Jesus.

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“Refund the police!” the woman shouted as the cops moved in and an angry eyewitness shouted obscenities at her. “Refund the police! Jesus matters! Jesus matters! We will never support Black Lives Matter!”

Cops said the two women, ages 29 and 39, were arrested and likely to face charges of criminal mischief…

Those two women vandalized other murals over the weekend, too, and made the same claims.

“Before anything else can matter, Jesus has to matter,” a woman, who appears to be [Bevelyn] Beatty, yelled out into the streets during the livestream in Harlem.

Without trying to explain how the phrase “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t involve some kind of ranking, it’s not surprising to see two Christians take a major event and make it all about them. Instead of putting the focus on the problems with policing, and instead of educating people about systemic racism, they just want to use a cultural event to find new converts.

Jesus and black lives aren’t in competition. But these vandals think anything that gets people’s attention is somehow a distraction from Jesus. Well, their plan backfired. Instead of getting people to stop thinking about the protests, they got people mocking them and their faith instead.

We’re in this mess because of policies decided by a lot of Christians. It’ll take a larger movement to undo their damage.

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