John Oliver Dives Into the Weird World of Conspiracy Theories July 20, 2020

John Oliver Dives Into the Weird World of Conspiracy Theories

In case you missed it last night, Last Week with John Oliver dove into the world of conspiracy theories and why they can be so powerful:

As someone who didn’t watch all of “Plandemic,” the part explaining the problems with that viral video were interesting in large part because it’s so obvious to see how people suckered by the film could have missed the obvious lies.

The solutions? They’re amusing but I doubt they’ll change the minds of die-hards. It’s too easy to write off well-intentioned celebrities as part of the conspiracy. As one YouTube commenter noted, a more worthwhile approach may be to have multiple conspiracists hashing out their differences; instead of hearing their perceived enemies speak clarity, have their perceived allies speak ignorance. Let them figure out why someone else is right or wrong.

As with Trump, sometimes just having conspiracists explain their beliefs without interruption, on camera, can be enough to show them how illogical they are. At least the embarrassment will eventually catch up to some of them.

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