To Unite People, Florida Commissioner Wants to Add God to Santa Rosa County Seal July 19, 2020

To Unite People, Florida Commissioner Wants to Add God to Santa Rosa County Seal

Because Florida has no other problems right now, Santa Rosa County Commissioner Sam Parker has suggested a plan that will unite everyone.

He wants to change the county’s seal from this…

… to this:

Because nothing says we’re all on the exact same page like religion.

Our nation needs a message of unity and a message of hope, and this is something that leaders have recognized since 1956 when this was made our national motto,” he said. “I hope this could be a step in the direction of unity and healing for our country.”

How ignorant of everything do you have to be to think God would bring people together? The phrase itself is nothing more than an endorsement of conservative Christianity — it always has been, as any glance at American history could tell you.

You have to hand it to reporter Jamie Gentry of the Navarre Press who at least brought up the phrase’s divisiveness. Not that Parker cared.

When asked about constituents who may identify as atheist or not affiliated with a Judeo-Christian faith, Parker acknowledge that the motto may not be popular with everyone, but he said he believes it is an important message.

“I would hope that this is a message that all citizens can unify behind, but I am keenly aware that it is impossible to do anything in my position that will be favored by everyone,” he said. “My core values and beliefs stem from my faith, and my faith in Christ is what gets me through dark times.”

Nothing will ever unify everyone… so he’s going with his personal religion. That should work for everybody else, right?

The weird thing is that, if the seal needs to be changed, there’s a simple fix! Just take out the religious phrase! Or replace it with “The Sunshine State” or “Enjoy our state while it’s still around!” There’s no reason to put God on there.

The new seal will be voted on on July 23. Before then, anyone is welcome to share their (respectful, polite) thoughts with the Board of Commissioners right here.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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