Preacher Sean Feucht Calls California’s Sensible COVID Restrictions “Tyrannical” July 19, 2020

Preacher Sean Feucht Calls California’s Sensible COVID Restrictions “Tyrannical”

MAGA cultist Sean Feucht, a pastor who recently hosted an outdoor music festival of sorts at the site of George Floyd‘s murder, says California’s new restrictions to slow the spread of coronavirus are “tyrannical.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom recently issued restrictions on everything including dine-in restaurants, movie theaters, and museums. The hardest hit counties also need to shut down gyms, malls, and places of worship.

It’s that last one that infuriates Feucht.

“What a tyrannical move and drastic overreach of government into our religious liberties!!” Feucht tweeted Monday in response to the latest public health orders from the governor, which ban indoor operations for places of worship (and many businesses) in the counties most impacted by the coronavirus.

“Silencing the church seems to be one of his main agendas,” Feucht said in a video included in the tweet. “This is insane! What a tyrannical overreach of the government. What an infringement on our Constitution and our free liberty to worship God. We are standing up. This is insane.

If churches were the only places closed, he might have a point, but it’s not like movie theaters and gyms are open while churches are closed. It’s not like mosques get a free pass here. Places where the virus spreads easily are closed, period. Churches have a good reason to be on that list, too, considering how many of them continue to hold hands, exchange hugs during the “passing of the peace,” sing, drink wine from a common cup, or just stand too close to each other.

Feucht also launched a petition to overturn the orders — good luck with that — in which he compared Newsom to the biblical Pharaoh (who was asked to set the Israelites free).

Fortunately, church buildings aren’t the only place to worship. People are free to do so in their homes or during online gatherings. And while Pharaoh forced the ancient Israelites to be slaves, the governor is encouraging people to stay home so they can stay healthy and not die. Not exactly an ideal comparison.

Feucht and other Christians have nothing to lose by taking these precautions. Everyone is frustrated right now. It’s not Christian persecution when everyone is facing the same restrictions. The worst case scenario here is that we’re inconvenienced. The best case scenario is that we save thousands of lives by preventing the spread of the virus, allowing a quicker return to normalcy.

Newsom, in that sense, is doing more to allow churches to return to in-person worship quickly than Feucht is by urging people to rebel.

(via Right Wing Watch. Featured screenshot via YouTube)

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