Out of Ideas, Louisiana’s Governor Calls for Three Days of Fasting and Prayer July 18, 2020

Out of Ideas, Louisiana’s Governor Calls for Three Days of Fasting and Prayer

Don’t worry, everyone. The COVID crisis will end soon because Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (a Democrat) has called for three days of fasting and prayer beginning on Monday. But only during lunch. Because God wouldn’t want to inconvenience you too much.

I do want to let you all know that, every couple, three weeks, I have the opportunity to have a conference call with hundreds of pastors across the state of Louisiana, and last week we had such a call, and received a request, and I’m happy to honor today. And I know it’s a little bit unusual, but I think it’s something that’s important, at least for me and those people on the call, and many other Louisianans.

So I’m going to call for three days of fasting and prayer for our state for July 20 through the 22… This will be the spiritual diet and exercise that I, as a Catholic Christian, believe is very important anyway. So we’ll be doing lunch fasting for those three days and certainly praying as well, praying for the people of Louisiana, praying for those who are sick, praying for those who care for those who who are sick, and certainly praying for the families of those who have passed on.

So if you’re inclined, please join me and the First Lady and faith leaders across Louisiana, regardless of your denomination or your religion, and we would ask that you join us in prayerful reflection and fasting. Again, it’s lunch fasting on those three days…

What the governor does in his spare time is irrelevant. What the pastors he speaks with want him to do is also irrelevant.

There’s simply no reason to tell people in the state to waste their time on a religious ritual that won’t help anybody. If people in Louisiana want to show their support for health care workers and those who are sick, then wear a mask, stay inside as much as possible, and stop putting more lives in danger. It’s not that Bel Edwards is ignoring those things, per se, but it’s flat-out embarrassing he would suggest that skipping a few lunches in the name of God will make a damn bit of difference to anyone.

Take a three day break from prayer and eat lunch inside by yourself. That’ll do just as much to prevent the spread of COVID and you get the added benefit of food.

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