Liberty U. Online Professor Found Guilty of Filming Strangers in His Bathroom July 18, 2020

Liberty U. Online Professor Found Guilty of Filming Strangers in His Bathroom

A Virginia man was found guilty yesterday of multiple charges that included videotaping people in his bathroom without their knowledge.

And just to make this whole sordid situation even worse, David Blair DeHaven was an adjunct business professor at Liberty University Online. (Because everything associated with Jerry Falwell, Jr. eventually goes bad.)

The details are truly disturbing. Just over a year ago, at a party at DeHaven’s house, his son’s girlfriend noticed a camera in the bathroom. When she found an SD card inside, she grabbed it. There were videos on it of multiple teenagers using that same bathroom. (More specifically, there were three children captured on camera who were not nude and three adults who were at least partially nude.)

The information was eventually turned over to police… and then a judge… and that’s when DeHaven’s excuses began.

DeHaven testified and said he initially [installed the camera] to see if his ex-wife was taking anything from the home. He then says he used it as a charger because the bathroom was the only place that had service, that was next to his office. He also added that he used it to see if the maid was cleaning a cob web. The defense argued he had no intention or knowledge that the camera was going to record kids because there were not supposed to be people over that night. They said he would normally move the camera if people were coming over.

The judge eventually accepted the excuse that DeHaven didn’t deliberately set out to videotape kids in the bathroom. But trying to videotape the maid (without her knowledge) was still a crime. The fact that the video picked up three people in various states of undress was also a crime.

DeHaven was eventually found guilty of “three misdemeanors of unlawful video of a person in a state of undress and four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.” The latter charges involved him knowing there were underage kids consuming alcohol at his home even though he denied it.

The sentencing will take place in October.

(Screenshot via WSET. Thanks to Sabrina for the link)

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