Fetuses Can Catch COVID-19. (Will Republicans Finally Take It Seriously?) July 18, 2020

Fetuses Can Catch COVID-19. (Will Republicans Finally Take It Seriously?)

The Republican Party has been eager to share the talking point about how children are less likely to suffer serious consequences even if they test positive for COVID-19, and if that’s the case, then schools ought to reopen. They fail to take into account how those children could still spread the virus to their teachers, which could be disastrous.

But here’s a new approach to consider.

It appears that the disease can spread to fetuses through their mothers, according to the New York Times:

A baby born in a Paris hospital in March to a mother with Covid-19 tested positive for the virus and developed symptoms of inflammation in his brain, said Dr. Daniele De Luca, who led the research team and is chief of the division of pediatrics and neonatal critical care at Paris-Saclay University Hospitals. The baby, now more than 3 months old, recovered without treatment and is “very much improved, almost clinically normal,” Dr. De Luca said, adding that the mother, who needed oxygen during the delivery, is healthy.

Dr. De Luca said the virus appeared to have been transmitted through the placenta of the 23-year-old mother.

Since the pandemic began, there have been isolated cases of newborns who have tested positive for the coronavirus, but there has not been enough evidence to rule out the possibility that the infants became infected by the mother after they were born, experts said.

The symptoms in fetuses can look very similar to those in adults — and while the baby in the article is doing fine, it’s possible that others won’t fare as well.

So there’s the new argument for conservatives: The virus can affect the unborn. Will you give a damn now?

Many people still refuse to wear masks despite the deaths of more than 137,000 Americans. But if we put in terms that white evangelicals understand — fetuses, fetuses, fetuses — maybe they’ll finally care enough to convince the Trump administration to take real action.

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