Disturbing Report Uncovers Alleged Child Sex Abuse in Fiji’s Catholic Schools July 13, 2020

Disturbing Report Uncovers Alleged Child Sex Abuse in Fiji’s Catholic Schools

Over the weekend, New Zealand’s TV 1 News aired a disturbing report about Catholic priests allegedly abusing children on the island nation of Fiji. One of the victims said on camera that when he attended a Catholic school, priests would lure boys up to their bedrooms using candy and oranges (rare treats), then sexually assault them.

But where did these priests come from? That’s the kicker: Many of them were kicked out of the Catholic Church in New Zealand and Australia because they were accused of sexual abuse. Instead of moving them to another local parish, as we’ve seen in the U.S., some of them went to Fiji, where they found new victims in a culture that reveres men of God.

The Church itself denies any wrongdoing… because they have rules!

While speaking to TV 1 News, [Archbishop] Father Perter Loy Chong says there has not been any reports of such allegations of abusing children.

The Archbishop adds that the church has a sexual abuse guideline which defines the process when something is reported or when someone presents an allegation.

Reporter Barbara Dreaver says that there’s no indication of how serious this problem is, but she says the Pacific island of Guam may be a useful comparison. Over there, she says, there are 300 lawsuits against more than 20 priests.

(Featured image via Shutterstock. Thanks to @LeoDotWalsh0x05 for the link)

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