Despite Florida’s COVID Problem, Baptist Preacher Announces In-Person Conference July 13, 2020

Despite Florida’s COVID Problem, Baptist Preacher Announces In-Person Conference

Pastor Tyler Baker of the Valiant Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida — last seen denouncing vaccines because they “circumvent God’s creation” — says he’ll be hosting a “preachers conference” in late October.

There are no major details in that video, but Baker makes clear it will be an in-person gathering.

Not that he cares, but his church is located in Duval County in northeast Florida. The state itself is struggling to deal with COVID, but Duval County is especially awful. (Scroll over the graph of confirmed COVID cases in northeast Florida below and notice how uniquely awful Duval County is!)

Keep in mind the Republican National Convention is scheduled to take place in Jacksonville in late August, but even that event looks like it won’t be happening because of the health scare. But preachers like Baker are telling followers to go ahead and make arrangements for his conference already, adding that it’ll undoubtedly be expensive in order to cover their costs.

The virus won’t be gone by October. That’s mostly because people like Baker think the threat of the virus has been exaggerated to the point that he considers precautions overblown.

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