Right-Wing Pastor: I Once Went to a Hospital and Healed a Kid’s Broken Pelvis July 11, 2020

Right-Wing Pastor: I Once Went to a Hospital and Healed a Kid’s Broken Pelvis

Pastor Robert Henderson, who said in 2019 that Donald Trump‘s re-election was already secured in “the courts of heaven” and who desperately needed cash to defeat Satan’s “One World System,” plans to hold a healing service on Sunday morning in Waco, Texas.

And for those not certain they want to attend, Henderson said during a livestream on Friday that he had personally healed a young man’s broken pelvis:

Listen, so many people need to be healed. And listen, we do have a tremendous… history. I mean, I don’t know why I keep thinking about this. There was — I remember going to the hospital years ago because God told me to. There was a young man that was in the hospital who had broken his pelvic bone in a car accident. God told me to go. I did not know that they were gonna fly him from Waco — they were gonna fly him from here to Houston to put screws to pull the pelvic bone back together, because it wasn’t going to go back together by itself.

So I went into the room, laid my hands on him. He began to vibrate. He was in traction. He began to vibrate and it quite honestly concerned me, because I thought, “Oh, God, let this be you.” Because he began to vibrate and shake. And when it was done, God had literally put his pelvic bone back together.

That’s what we later found out. The doctor came in later and said to the mom, “OK, we’re ready to fly him.” The mom said, “no, we want another” — because of want happened — “we want another X-ray.” She argued with a doctor. The doctor got mad. But he finally said, “I’ll give you an X-ray — you’re paying for it” Whenever they X-rayed him, to his amazement, God had put the pelvic bone back together.

See, these are very common things that happen. I want to encourage you, if you need a miracle on any level, do not miss this service.

Somehow, Henderson has the power to cure a child’s broken pelvis… but he’s preaching instead of volunteering at the hospital and helping the other dying people with his magical powers? Seems like a weird way to convince people to take him seriously.

Also, what kind of messed-up hospital allows a complete stranger to enter the building and put his hands all over a patient he doesn’t know…? Do they not have security in this place?

The healing even is scheduled for Sunday morning. So I can only assume we’ll be seeing evidence of numerous miracles by this time tomorrow.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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