Christian Moms Are Complaining About the One F-Bomb in the “Hamilton” Film July 10, 2020

Christian Moms Are Complaining About the One F-Bomb in the “Hamilton” Film

When the musical “Hamilton” premiered on Disney+ last week, creator Lin-Manuel Miranda explained on Twitter that there were only a couple of changes to the script. The original musical included three uses of the word “fuck.” But to avoid an R-rating from the Motion Picture Association of America — giving the film a kid-friendly PG-13 rating and allowing it to stream on Disney+ at all — you’re only allowed to have one F-bomb at most.

So there were two quick fixes. One “fuck” was muted. The other was covered up with a record scratch sound. (I watched the musical last week and the changes made no difference. It’s an incredible show.)

The irony is that the one “fuck” still in the show is the only one that’s actually sexual. (The lyric, sung by someone eager to blackmail Hamilton, goes, “That was my wife you decided to…” Hamilton responds with, “Fuuuu—.”)

Cue the one mom at One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4,765) who, in a desperate plea for relevance, is furious that Disney allowed that single use of the word “fuck” in the show.

Disney’s decision to allow even one ‘f-word’ to be heard on its Disney+ platform — a platform that bears Walt Disney’s name and that is marketed directly and primarily to millions of families with children — is shameful.”

Disney needs to highly reconsider the language it includes in its movies. Shame on Disney+ for allowing even one f-bomb, along with other multiple uses of profanity, to remain in the film Hamilton. It’s just too much and totally unnecessary on a streaming service for family and children.

Who wants to tell Monica Cole that American history isn’t meant to be sanitized for her delicate sensibilities…?

Anyway, this complaint would mean a lot more if Cole didn’t flip out every time a cartoon had gay characters. It’s also clear she didn’t see the musical since there are plenty of other sexually charged jokes that don’t involve swearing (like a line from one character who says, “I heard ya mother said ‘Come again?'”). Somehow, Cole didn’t even mention those in her rant.

Her petition urges her fan to tell Disney to remove the remaining F-word from the movie and, if that doesn’t happen, “Let him know your family will not be watching this movie because dropping the f-bomb and using inappropriate language goes against your beliefs and values that you teach your children.”

The movie came out last week. The musical came out years ago. The die-hard fans have already watched it, and teenagers already know every lyric. Even if the remaining “fuck” is muted, the affair at the center of that song isn’t going away.

In other words, Cole isn’t going to accomplish anything… other than maybe inserting herself into a conversation about “Hamilton” that everyone besides her is having. And as usual, the conservative Christian will be the laughingstock because no one in their right mind would take her complaint seriously.

It should go without saying that Disney+ is a paid streaming service. If changing a channel is too difficult for her, it’s even easier to simply not buy the service.

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