Preacher: Vote for Trump Because Jesus Doesn’t Want You Voting for an Atheist July 9, 2020

Preacher: Vote for Trump Because Jesus Doesn’t Want You Voting for an Atheist

Nebraska preacher Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries, last seen showing off “proof” that God cured his acne, now says that True Christians™ would never vote for a Democrat.

In a sermon that violates the IRS’ rule against pastors telling their congregations how to vote — which Kunneman wrongly believes has been repealed — he used a series of lies to explain why Democrats were anti-Christian.

“When I go to vote … I’m going to go in there and represent Jesus,” he continued. “I’ve not heard presidents prior to him ever mentioned God like this president. I’ve never seen a president fighting for the church as great as what this president is. The proof is look at the Johnson Amendment, that’s why I can say what I’m saying today. If the party of the non-religious comes, that will be taken. So I’m gonna go and say, ‘Well Jesus, he sounds like a friend of yours even though he may not know you — I don’t know if he does, that’s between him and you — but it sounds like he sure trying to help you.’”

“We’ve got a president that’s trying to help the church … and yet we’ve got Christians that aren’t helping him,” Kunneman fumed. “What’s wrong with us? When I go to the voting booth, I’m gonna say, ‘Jesus, I’m voting for Donald J. Trump, and every person that will fight for my religious freedom.’ Does Jesus, who is the king of our kingdom, does he wants you to put a checkmark next to somebody who is an atheist? They don’t like your God. They want to keep prayer out of your schools and away from your children, and they want to teach your children that it’s OK to be a dog if you want to be a dog. It’s OK to go and dress up like a woman [and go] into the women’s restroom with your children. That’s what the former party of the non-religious helped to legislate that we deal with today. Is this what we want? Jesus, is this what you want? You’re my king. Is this what you want, Jesus? And I tell you, hell no!”

The irony is that, in a backhanded way, Kunneman is right to say we haven’t had a president who talks about God like Trump because presidents before him were arguably more sincere about their beliefs. They didn’t have to constantly broadcast them for political gain. Then again, Trump’s biggest object of worship is himself…

Meanwhile, there is literally one atheist in Washington (Joe Biden isn’t one of them), Democrats are overwhelmingly Christian, they have no problem with people praying privately in schools, they don’t “teach” people they can be dogs on a whim, and they don’t dress like women and pretend to be transgender in order to assault kids.

What Kunneman is implicitly saying is that he wants Christians to vote out of fear. Because there’s nothing to be proud of when it comes to Trump, and because honest criticisms of Democrats don’t inspire rage from his church members, he’s opting to play up their phobias: transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia. He’s feeding them lies because honesty doesn’t fit his narrative.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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