A Christian Summer Camp Opened Up Despite the Pandemic; 82 People Now Have COVID July 9, 2020

A Christian Summer Camp Opened Up Despite the Pandemic; 82 People Now Have COVID

A Christian summer camp decided to open up in late May — despite every pandemic warning — because the managers were sure they had taken all the proper precautions. This is one of the premiere Christian summer camps in the country after all (if you ignore the allegations of sexual abuse).

They said their staff of 1,600 people included 100 nurses and 60 doctors. They were all ready for the 20,000 kids to visit any of their five locations.

Guess how this story turns out

But now even cautious hopes that COVID-19 might be kept outside Kanakuk Kamps’ gates have already been dashed. On Wednesday [last week], parents were notified by email that one of the camps, known as K-2, was shutting down. The Stone County Health Department updated the community on Facebook: 41 campers, counselors and staff members had tested positive for COVID-19; they had come from 10 states and multiple counties in Missouri.

That was actually the first update. As of Monday, 82 people have tested positive. Not exactly what you’re hoping for when you send your kids on a very expensive summer getaway.

Last week parents got an email from Rebecca Duncan, Kanakuk’s health services director, advising them that their children may have been exposed: “As your Kamper returns home, we recommend that you consider a 14-day self-quarantine for your child and monitor for symptoms of COVID-19.”

It’s not clear how many of the COVID-positive people are suffering any serious health problems, but it’s just another example of Christians ignoring what scientists are saying and moving forward with unnecessary gatherings for no other reason than… they feel like it. Or it’s a business that didn’t want to lose all that revenue.

It’s hard to imagine how the precautions could have worked, anyway. How the hell can you have an athletic summer camp where social distancing is always followed? The whole point of any summer camp is interaction — and Christian summer camps, especially, are notorious for (ahem) people not keeping their distance from each other.

Interestingly enough, Kanakuk’s website has an FAQ on it that includes this comment regarding their precautions:

Missouri Governor Mike Parson has reviewed our plan and said “I am totally impressed with Kanakuk’s COVID-19 Child Health and Protection Plan… This is what we want for our state.” 

Another Republican. Another horrible response to COVID.

These people need to listen to scientists instead of Jesus. Either that or they should just admit they don’t care how many people they hurt.

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