Science Journal Retracts Rat Penis Enlargement Paper for Promoting Homeopathy July 7, 2020

Science Journal Retracts Rat Penis Enlargement Paper for Promoting Homeopathy

In 2013, the International Journal of Impotence Research published a paper saying that the compound Impaza, which stimulated Endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), could increase sexual behavior as well as make rat penises larger. Impaza, the researchers said, “may be the most valuable treatment for erectile dysfunction.”

But despite protests from the researchers, that paper was recently retracted… because it turned out Impaza is homeopathic and couldn’t possibly have the (ahem) potency to help the rats with anything sexual.

As the retraction states:

the reagent is diluted beyond the point to which any active molecules are expected to be present and there is no molecular analysis to support the presence of molecules at these dilutions. These concerns have caused the editor to lose faith in the reliability of the findings.

Interestingly enough, the original paper even alludes to this possibility:

Affinity-purified antibodies to the C-terminal fragment of eNOS at ultra-low doses (Impaza, OOO “NPF “Materia Medica Holding”, Moscow, Russia) were provided as a ready-to-use water solution produced according to homeopathic technology. The actual concentration of the antibodies is not known, but the solution used here is identical to the one used in clinical practice.

“Homeopathic technology”! That’s on the same oxymoronic level as “Creation science”!

Did the scientists involved know this? Well, there’s the other concern: There’s a major conflict of interest here, noted in the paper, but highlighted by Discover:

… Impaza is just one of the products sold by the Russian company OOO “NPF ‘Materia Medica Holding.’” Of the seven authors on the Chu et al. Impaza paper, five were affiliated with this company, who produce a number of hyper-diluted therapeutics.

Yikes. Bad science. Bad paper. Good retraction. Goodbye, rat erection.

Nothing ever goes right for the rats.

(via Retraction Watch. Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Scott for the link)

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