Christian “Prophetess”: I’m the Reason Satan Didn’t Disrupt Your Holiday Weekend July 6, 2020

Christian “Prophetess”: I’m the Reason Satan Didn’t Disrupt Your Holiday Weekend

Kat Kerr, the self-proclaimed Christian “Prophetess” who thinks Heaven is home to cows driving tractors and a city made entirely out of Jell-O, says that our demon-free Independence Day was the result of her prayers.

Her sister echoed all of her thoughts.

I choose, as an act of my will, to take power over all the power of the enemy — that would be Satan and his army. We will not tolerate disruptions, attacks, or anything to delay or interfere with the activities on the Fourth of July.

So we command the host of Heaven — that’s Heaven’s Army — to go pull down every stronghold and shred every platform the demons are operating from. These demons influence and empower people with weak minds, people who hate, people who want violence — they get help from Hell. So we stop that from happening, and then it can’t take place.

So we thank you, Father, for the authority through Jesus Christ that we can command the Army of Heaven to fight on our behalf. So go host, make toast… the enemy’s plans, on this Fourth of July, to bring destruction or any violence. It will not happen, but we will have a great time to celebrate with our God and our families that we are free in America.

Somewhere in that Christian gibberish is a lot of delusional thinking.

But you have to hand it to Satan: If Kerr is right that Satan wasn’t around over the weekend, then at least he seems to take social distancing seriously. That’s more than we can say about a lot of Christians who think the virus is a hoax.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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