Pastor: Democrats Are “Hostile” to Christianity “in Every Sense of the Word” July 3, 2020

Pastor: Democrats Are “Hostile” to Christianity “in Every Sense of the Word”

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, who heads up the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, claims that the Democratic party is hostile to the Christian worldview in “every sense of the word.”

Never mind that most Democrats (including most Democrats in power) identify as Christian.

“It’s an anti-Christian element hijacking the Democratic Party,” he said. “It’s hostile to our Christian worldview in every sense of the word. The silence of Joe Biden, that silence right now makes him complicit, de facto affirming the actions that run against our Judeo-Christian value system.”

“The Democratic Party has left the reservation of common sense and right now has great issues with faith,” Rodriguez added. “How in the world do they want people of color to vote for a party that is anti their faith? If your Christianity is the most important thing in your life, dare ye not press the lever for a party that is anti your faith, your pro-life agenda, your pro-religious liberty agenda, and your agenda of biblical justice that will fulfill the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.”

It’s unclear how, exactly, Democrats are anti-Christian. He only refers to the party’s position on abortion and “religious liberty”… as if following the science that says churches shouldn’t be exempt from indoor lockdowns is somehow anti-God. Then again, if a religion that’s been around for nearly two millennia can be taken down by the likes of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, maybe your faith isn’t as strong as you think.

Rodriguez likes to pretend he’s non-partisan, occasionally challenging Donald Trump on immigration issues, but he’s clearly in the grip of the GOP. His rhetoric matches that of other right-wing evangelicals who care far more about a political agenda than anything Jesus ever said. Looking at Jesus’ own teachings about feeding the poor, caring for the sick, and welcoming the immigrant, there’s only one party actively working on those concerns.

It’s not the one Rodriguez is rooting for. Instead, he’s too busy calling Democrats hostile to his faith.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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