Baptist Preacher Allegedly Shot and Killed Two People With Daughter By His Side July 3, 2020

Baptist Preacher Allegedly Shot and Killed Two People With Daughter By His Side

If you were to visit the website for Pastor Andrew Martin Cote, you’ll come across this post where the independent Baptist preacher writes, “let’s learn to trust in God for the lives and souls of our children instead of forcing them to be what we may consider to be ‘the way’.”

You know this story won’t end well.

Last week, Cote was charged with two counts of murder after he shot and killed his 71-year-old neighbor and her 54-year-old friend over what people said was a years-long battle that began with her nude hot-tubbing at home. The neighbor allegedly sprayed Cote and his daughter with a hose that morning, leading to the preacher grabbing a gun and going after her.

Cote’s daughter was by his side when he killed them. So not only did he murder two people over nothing of actual importance, he traumatized his own child for life.

According to the report, when asked by police if he considered taking his daughter inside and calling police before shooting them, “he responded by saying words to the effect of not tonight.”


While his church’s website is currently down, there’s plenty online about his religious history:

… Cote, a married man with three young kids, kept to himself. Nevada records show that he registered his congregation, Faith Love Baptist Church [Iglesia Bautista De Fe Y Amor], as a business in 2014, but that the license expired last year, and its status was “canceled.” A biography on another religious site describes him as a baptist who was “saved at the age of 9.” He was a missionary in Honduras and later ordained in 2010 before establishing his church in 2012.

None of it made a damn bit of difference. How much rage must be in your heart when a spat with a neighbor leads you to think the only resolution requires a weapon?

Cote was denied bail. He remains in jail at the Clark County Detention Center at least until his preliminary hearing at the end of the month.

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